Average Soccer Player Height – complete Discussion 2023

Height plays the most important role in any International game. Similarly, the average soccer player’s height Internationally is has. We see in the game of soccer that players of different heights are Competition each other. It has some advantages and disadvantages for both short and tall players, This makes the play even more exciting. 

Now you may be wondering what is the average height of a soccer player? Does the average height of a footballer play any role? Is height and weight important? Read this article completely, you will get a complete idea about the average height and weight soccer player of a good athlete.

The average soccer player’s Height is 5 foot 11 inches (182cm). Taller players have a slight advantage over shorter players. There are some of the best soccer players in the world who are a bit shorter. The taller of a team’s goalkeeper is very important.

Average soccer player Height and Weight of Each Position

PositionAverage Height (cm)Average Weight (kg)
Average soccer player Height and Weight

The Main Advantages of Being a Tall Soccer Player.

Height can be an advantage in most sports. But in Soccer, the Goalkeeper has the biggest advantage. You can take advantage of your height if you can stay in the right position. Below are the most important benefits of being a Tall Soccer Player.

Average Soccer Player Height


The advantage of a Tall soccer player is that they can jump and climb much higher. This is why balls flying in the air can be headed. For example, Corner kicks that a tall player can head into the net.

In some situations, a tall player plays a very good role. For this reason, every team prefers a slightly taller defender. They can also score good goals if they are in the right place at the right time.

Leg Length

Extra leg length makes a player more agile and can easily take the ball under his own control. Because of his long legs, he can reach the ball very quickly and pass it to his partner in any direction.

It is important to be able to fight for the ball with a player without physically hurting him. Because as long as the ball is at his feet the whole game is under their control. A tall player can use his body to disorient opposing players.


Along with all the other advantages tall player have, they tend to be very strong. Taller players can carry more weight on their bodies and make them stronger. They can easily beat any sorter players.

A tall player will always be able to attack the opposition with their extreme strength and ruthless intelligence.

Strength is the most important part in soccer player, because they have to face a lot of physical hardships during a soccer training. A strong player can defeat his opponent very easily.


According to international rules, a goalkeeper should be above 6”6 and 201 cm above. Also, the goalkeeper has to be smarter and more agile. A goalkeeper always has to be alert as the opposition attack can come at any moment and he has to defend the goal.

Just this goalkeeper’s position can make a huge difference in the game. But a tall player can be used correctly, it can be a huge advantage. Using your fingertip perfectly can make the difference between winning and losing a game.

Average Soccer Player Height

A tall goalkeeper is always the team’s standard player for their skills. The goalkeeper is always the tallest player in a team because he can block the ball from the air. International rules goal size length 7.32 M and height is 2.5 M. There is no substitute for a tall player to handle this height. He can use his tall body to jump and catch the ball easily.

The average height of soccer players internationally.

The average height of soccer players internationally Is between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet 8 inches. A good player is not bound by height in a soccer game. A good player in a certain position does not have to think much about his height.

For example, Lionel Messi’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, he is the best Soccer player in the world. He is always seen playing as a striker and midfielder, she will always be popular with her fans and her height in never talked about.

Average Soccer Player Height

Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo comes to his word that his height is 6 feet 2 inches and he is the most talked about name in the world of soccer. Of course, you want a player who is strong enough and tall like his hero. He is still one of the top five players in the world right now.

The Main Advantages of Being a Short Soccer Player

A soccer team is made up of different heights players because players of all sizes are needed, short and tall. Smaller players are usually in the midfielder and striker positions. Below are the benefits of being a small player.


Small players are usually aggressive and very dynamic. However, soccer coaches believe that their great speed has many advantages. A dynamic and short player can always keep the opponent tense and attack them at all times. It is true in soccer that there is a lot of quick work involved.

Especially in soccer, a fast player plays a very big role and can easily steal the ball away from the opposing player. But players must have the ability to control the ball and fight with other players.

Ground cover may appear to have the advantage of staying in the background for longer periods of time. Taller players tend of fight together and because of this it can be very difficult to control the ball when moving around them and pressing on them.

When it comes to younger players, acceleration becomes their biggest tool. The fastest players will be able to get to the ball very quickly without wasting their time. Along with body balance, a dynamic player can easily take away from the opposition and create his own control over the ball. Average weight can have a special effect on a player

Lower Center of Gravity

The center of Gravity is the same everywhere in the world, which can be very useful as a Soccer player. Since the ball is always above the ground and using simple banana techniques around the field can be very beneficial.

It becomes very difficult for a certain player to get the ball and even the midfielders are forced to give up on them at times.

Ball Control

Player’s tall or short ball control is the most important skill in a soccer game. Ball controlling is taught to a player from the beginning of his career and they are developed in such a way that they learn to control the ball very well. The better a player controls the ball, the better he is known as a player.

Some of the most aggressive players in cup history are small and agile. Their agile nature and great speed make them better ball handlers.

Does the average height of players depend on the position?

Of course, the height of the players depends on their position. There are several positions in the game of soccer, each position is assigned a certain height. For example, the tallest players are always placed in the team as goalkeepers and defenders. Defenders are on the field to protect the opposition’s attack and are very good when they are physically tall.

Similarly shot players naturally play as midfielders and strikers. This position requires a player to be very dynamic and agile. The short player can easily attack the opposition and add to this sensationalism.

Tall teams are more successful than short teams?

First of all, a team is not made up of tall players of only short players. A team is made up of different Height of players because a team need all kinds of players. A team is formed with 11 players, of course it is better to have taller players in a team according to some positions.

Players who win awards must score more goals than all other players. They are always shorter players because they always play forward. However, in some cases, tall players have a fair share of weight. A goalkeeper must be a tall player as this is true.

The most important reason is that every team plays one of the biggest roles in goal made plater. The taller players of the team have the advantage when corner hits the shot. Soccer also becomes a joyous game and the height usually outstrips the war. most players love the Jabulani soccer ball.

Does Height Important In Soccer Players?

Height can play a huge role in all other sports, but there is a slight difference in the case of soccer where players of different heights can play this game. Taller players have an advantage over shorter players. But all types of players are needed to make a soccer team.

Height plays a huge role for a goalkeeper and defender. A tall goalkeeper is never easily out of the ball and defenders use their tall bodies to fend off attacks from the opposite side very easily.

Average Height of The Defender And Striker?

Defenders and strikers play important roles in a soccer game. A defender is always a bit taller than the strikers. A defender is 6 feet and above. Attacks from the opposite side of the defenders can be blocked very easily with their intelligence, large bodies, and height. 

A striker is usually 5ft 11 inches more or less in height. Strikers are a bit faster than other players because they can use their smaller bodies and thin bodies to overwhelm their opponents and score goals.

What is the average height in soccer?

The ideal height of a soccer player is 5 feet 11 inches.

Average height of the Defender and goalkeeper?

There are some average heights internationally depending on the player’s position. The defender is 6 feet 1 inch and the goalkeeper is 6 feet 3 inches.

What is the average height of the English Premier League players?

The English Premier League has an average height of about 6 feet 3 inches. There are goalkeepers who stand 6 feet 8 inches or taller.

Average player heights of all World Cup teams?

The world cup game is held internationally. As of the 2022 world cup the average player’s height if a player was 5 feet 9 inches.

What is the average height of the UEFA Champions League players?

The average height of the UEFA Champions League players is 183.5cm.

What is the average height of the UEFA EURO players?

The average height of the UEFA EURO players is 182.8 cm. Their several players such as Cristiano Ronaldo are 189 cm. He plays UEFA EURO.

What is the average height of the Premier League players?

The average height of the Premier league players is 82.9cm. The shortest of premier League is Manchester City their average height is 181.1cm. And the tillers team is Everton FC their height is 185.1cm.

What is the average height of the Ligue 1 players?

The average height of the Ligue 1 players is 180cm.  

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