is soccer ball soft?

One of the most common questions that people ask is whether a soccer ball is soft or not. It’s a question that has been asked for many years and there are still no definite answers.

In this article, we will fully explain to find out  soccer balls are soft or not. First of all, one thing we should keep in mind is that there are many types of soccer balls available in the market.

The pump of the ball plays a role in making a soccer ball soft and hard, another important factor behind soccer ball softness is the type of material the soccer ball’s surface is made of.

Some soccer balls are very soft The main reason for this is that the upper part of the ball is made of soft cotton. These balls are slightly lighter because of this, these balls can be kicked far.

Components that play a role in making a soccer ball soft.

The manufacturing process of a soccer ball plays a major role in its softness. Many row materials, including rubber and leather, are required while manufacturing a soccer ball.


Soccer balls that are made of leather are usually soft. These balls do not last very long due to the softening of the upper part of these balls.

On the other hand, soccer balls made of rubber are a little harder. Professional players use this ball and this ball is most durable.


The inside of the soccer ball is made of panels and is attached to the surface of the with glue or stitched. This process is very beneficial for the ball but it makes the ball a little stiffer.


The amount of air in a soccer ball significantly affects the softness and playability of the ball. Based on the amount of air inside a ball, we can determine whether a ball is hard or soft for as.

If we reduce the air in a hard ball, the ball will become a little softer, similarly if we put more air into a soft ball, the ball will become a little harder.

The Science of How Soft Soccer Balls Are Made

A soft soccer ball is created by using a method called pressure inflation. This means that as the air inside the ball increases, the surface area of the ball changes.

If we go back to the science of making the soft soccer ball we find that the panels used inside the ball are slightly thinner and lighter-sized. The upper portion of the panels is stitched with thread and glue very finely so that the panels can be attached very well to the ball.

The top of the ball plays a big role in making a soft ball in this case, the engineers use leather on the outer surface of the ball to make the ball very soft. Glue is used to attach the leather to the surface of the ball. The use of leather does not last as long, but the ball is much softer.

is the soccer ball soft but strong?

If we take a very general look at the material a soft soccer ball is made of, we find that most are made of leather and synthetics. Balls that are made using leather as the main material are durable and soft which gives a very good feel to players.

However, leather footballs tend to be more expensive than synthetic soccer balls. On the other hand, synthetic soccer balls have many demands in the market. These balls are slightly hard and these balls have very good water resistance.

How to identify soft soccer ball?

It is very difficult to choose the best soft soccer ball within your choice and budget. I am sharing some shot tips so that you can easily get your softball of choice.


Soft foot balls are made of material where the balls become very soft. Look for balls made from leather, foam, rubber, or other cushioning materials.

Surface texture:

By looking at the surface of a ball you can easily decide whether the ball is likely to be soft. Touching the ball will make you feel soft.


Soft soccer balls are lighter in weight than regular soccer balls. The silly reason for this is that light materials are used when making these balls.

Squeeze Test:

You gently squeeze a soccer ball using both hands. Soft soccer balls will compress more than regular footballs.

Product Labeling:

Check the product labeling or packaging. The makers of the ball provide information regarding the ball’s elegance and intended use. Look for terms like soft touch, and soft feel on the packaging of the product description.

Reviews and Ratings:

Before choosing the ball you can check the ball reviews and ratings online. So that you can easily decide which ball is soft and here people share their real experiences.

Which type of players prefer soft soccer ball?

Soft soccer balls are generally preferred by certain types of players. And these soft balls are designed with this number of players in mind.

Soft soccer balls are generally recommended for beginner players, especially when a young child learns the game, these balls are recommended on. Making it less intimidating and more comfortable for new players.

Soft bolls are used also during youth football team training and it is used to reduce the risk of injury on young players and acquire specific skills.

best 5 soft soccer ball

Western Star Soccer Balls are designed to last and are made of high-quality materials that allow players to dribble, pass, and kick harder than ever before. So whether you’re a hardcore player or just starting out, Western Star Soccer Balls are tough-n-ready for every kick!

The Franklin Sports 6. 5-inch Foam Soccer Ball is not your average soccer ball. Designed to accommodate smaller hands, the soft foam ball provides an easy grip and durable surface. The 6. 5-inch diameter provides a larger playing surface and the bright colors make it easier to find during games of quick pickup!

A soccer ball made by the Western Star company, which is known for its durable and best quality balls. This soccer ball is great for playing on a hard surface, as it is made of durable butyl bladder and has a 4-ply 32-panel PVC inner lining which makes the ball extra strong.

When it comes to sports, we don’t mess around at Champion Sports. Our regulated soccer balls are all designed to meet the requirements of any league or collegiate sport. Balls are meant to be kicked, thrown, dropped, hit, and punted which means they are tough enough to handle every type of play.

Franklin Sports MLS Tornado soccer ball is made to official size 3 and weight and features a molded 12-panel design for superior aerodynamic flight and control. The exciting spiraling graphics provide unique targeting when the ball is in play. The high gel lightweight construction makes this ball easy to launch, while the extra soft touch synthetic leather cover provides a comfortable and safe touch

Soft Soccer Ball for a baby?

The Soft Soccer Ball is a new innovative design for children who are just learning to play soccer. The ball is made of soft rubber and a textured surface that reduces the chances of injuries by providing a safe and enjoyable experience for children.

The Soft Soccer Ball is designed for children who are just learning to play soccer, which makes it an ideal choice for parents looking to teach their kids the game without the worry of injury.

is soccer a soft sport?

No, This game can get you hurt. because in this game players are involved in collisions with the same offense and there is a possibility of injury

Is soccer a rough sport?

Soccer is not a rough sport. when players want to ball to each other and change direction. then there is a possibility of bumping into each other.

How long does a soft soccer ball last?

A high-quality soft soccer ball can last anywhere from six months to over a year if handled with care.

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