Why is the Jabulani so expensive?

Jabulani is the most expensive soccer ball in the world. Because this soccer ball is made from 8 spherically molded panels. The inside of this ball is covered with thin steel and there is a rubber and plastic cover on the outside. Arrogant short dies very perfectly with this ball and this poultice is designed in such a way that shots reach the Colgate net very accurately. the average height for soccer players also loves Jabulani

Which country made Jabulani?

Jabulani soccer ball made by Adidas company Tango 12 series. Jabulani soccer ball is made in China but other countries have also developed similar equipment. latex bladders from India, thermoplastic polyurethane-elastomer from Taiwan and isotropic polyester/cotton fabric, glue, and ink, and ethylene vinyl acetate from China. Jabulani soccer ball is assembled in china.

Where can I buy a Jabulani Soccer ball

In 2010, This fruit was made in a few numbers when the Jabulani soccer ball was created. The original price of the ball was very high then, with this ball, when the world cup 2010 was over, some of the balls were sold at auction for a very high price.

But as we look ahead to 2023, good-quality soccer balls are available at very low prices. Currently, the most popular name for the Adidas band is  Al Rihla League Soccer Ball. The 2022 World cup was played with this ball.

Al Rihla League Soccer Ball

What is special about the Jabulani ball?

Jabulani soccer ball is the official play match in FIFA world cop 2010. One of the most important aspects of this bolt is its speed Jabulani soccer ball is still said to be the fastest in the world. The French goalkeeper said that Jabulani soccer ball can fly straight and change direction while doing so. He also revealed that he was finding it increasingly difficult to defend goals.

Is the Jabulani a good ball?

Jabulani soccer ball with when some matches are played, Then some players express their opinion about the policy. Players complain about the unpredictable trajectory of the ball. The same players said the ball was too bouncy and the control of the ball players was a little difficult. Some goalkeepers have expressed their opinion about the Jabulani.  The Jabulani soccer ball is sometimes seen slowing down in the air like a balloon. It makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to determine the direction of the Jabulani. They termed this ball as a terrible ball.

The FIFA world cup Jabulani soccer ball playing video.

Jabulani soccer ball price

If you want to list the more expensive balls, the Jabulani name of the loan will be there. The Jabulani soccer ball is the most expensive soccer ball in the world.  Original jabulani soccer ball price $960.  Adidas Jabulani, Official Match Ball price: $34.00. There are still available in the market at different prices. Jabulani is use FIFA world cup 2010 official match ball. This soccer ball’s mother company is Adidas, the ball is no longer officially made.

Do they still make Jabulani?

Jabulani ball make on 4 December 2009 and announced that the official ball of the FIFA world cup 2010. On 15 April 2013, the ball officially announced that they would no longer manufacture the ball. The ball gained a lot of fame after that because at that time the ball took on a touch of modernity among all.

adidas Jabulani soccer ball

Jabulani is an official match ball of the FIFA world cup 2010 in South Africa. The word, Zulu comes from the Jabulani word. Jabulani means “celebrate”. This ball is named in full South African style. the interior of the Jabulani is made up of eight panels. which is composed of heat seal technology. This technology increases ball life and increases shot accuracy.

Jabulani soccer ball design

Jabulani ball had four triangular designs inside the white the ball featured numbers 11 and 11 colors were used to design the ball because each team had 11 players, the 11 official languages in South Africa. The design of the ball incorporates the culture of the country of South Africa.

5 different colors and design of Jabulani soccer ball

5 different colors and designs of Adidas Jabulani soccer balls were made. Each design had its own unique features. White color and yellow border were usually used for the FIFA world cup 2010 matches. Designed in harmony with the colors of the flag of the host country. The golden-colored ball was used for the final game.  

FAQ Section

How heavy is the Jabulani?

Jabulani soccer ball weight is 440 ± 0.02 g And Loss of pressure ≤ 10%

When was Jabulani established?

Jabulani is the official match ball of World Cup 2010. Jabuani established year is 2009

What does the name Jabulani mean?

Jabulani name means celebrate. The language of the Zulu community in Jabulani.

Which country made Jabulani?

China country made Jabulani. A few other countries have also contributed to the creation of the ball, such as India and Taiwan

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