5 Important Roles of the Striker in Soccer Do you know?

Striker play one of the biggest roles in soccer and they have a reputation and a bad reputation. The main role of the strikers is to score goals and put the opposition players under pressure.

A team’s losses and wins depend on performance. A French Head coach said that to win a soccer game, you have to score more goals than the opposing team.

In this article Strikers Rules, we will discuss in detail strikers’ skills, qualities, and their essential leadership so that you can easily find the ingredients of a good striker.

Attacking ResponsibilitiesBears the primary responsibility for leading the team’s attacking efforts and creating scoring opportunities.Neymar Jr.
Goal ScoringPrimary responsibility is to score goals, often using various techniques such as shooting, headers, and volleys.Cristiano Ronaldo
Shooting AbilityPossesses exceptional shooting skills, capable of scoring from various positions and distances.Harry Kane
Technical SkillsDemonstrates outstanding technical abilities, including dribbling, ball control, and intricate passing Kevin De Bruyne
Leadership and InfluenceProvides leadership both on and off the field, inspiring teammates and influencing the team’s performance.Sergio Ramos
5 Important Roles of the Striker in Soccer

What is the striker in soccer?

The striker is the hardest position in soccer. Strikers are considered to be the most improved players in a football team as they have gained the most recognition as the most modern players.

The important job of the strikers is to help the attacking players of the team to score goals and they are the main responsibility of scoring goals as they lead their team forward.

 An ideal striker should be quite knowledgeable about his position and the positions of other players. A striker has a very important role to play in attacking the opposition and maintaining position as a very quick player with the ability to pass the ball.

The position of the strikers may change according to the position of the team. In modern soccer today, striker players are sometimes referred to as center forwards.

Why Striker Position is so important in Soccer?

A striker can never be taken over by another player that’s why a striker is so important to a team. There are some important reasons why a striker is so important to a soccer team.

Most 5 Important Roles of the Striker in Soccer.

To make yourself an ideal striker, the following five points must be fully understood. We ask some questions to all legendary stickers about the important roles of strikers in soccer. Almost all of them said to same thing on the field and it must work for all players.


1. Attacking Responsibilities

A striker works for the team as a team leader and has the ability to attack to put the opposition under pressure.

Strikers are very dynamic in that they need to get into the opposition’s d-box very quickly with the ball and sometimes shoot from a distance to score goals.

Strikers are not able to get caught by the opposing players at times so they pass the ball to their players from a distance to get the ball further.

2. Goal Scoring

Attacking a team is only worthwhile when a player can get the ball into the other team’s net. Scoring Goals is a very important part of the strikers main responsibility.

That is why a player should be very fast and they have to practice very well to control the ball.

Opponents will certainly block you when attacking so you need to make quick decisions to keep the ball under your control and pass to your team players.

Another big responsibility of strikers is that if he can’t score himself, he can make the calls by his players, which will increase the confidence of the team.


3. Shooting Ability

The ability to shoot the ball is not only for the strikers but for every player the whole team should have this skill. A striker must be adept at shooting from various positions and angles on the field.

When shooting from a Baltic corner, a player has to shoot the ball smoothly and at the right angles with certain a certain amount of power so that goals can be easily scored and the attacking behavior of the opposing players can be shown.

A good striker has to keep the ball at his feet and under his control shoot at all times to keep the opposing team under pressure and possess the best attacking and shooting ability in any situation.

Also, a good striker needs to develop strong skills such as distance awareness, speed man, quickly changing player positions, and being present at the right place at a tight time.

4. Technical Skill

Looking at the current time, we see the technical skills of players playing in games like the European Champions and the Champions League. Technical skills have become a very important issue for today’s players.

When talking about the technical scale for the striker position in soccer, the first things that are very important to talk about are: controlling the ball, first passing, holding the ball, and dribbling.

Technical scale is a very important factor for players of all positions and his presence of mind gives a good idea of a player’s IQ and how serious he is about his position.


5. Leadership and Influence

Leadership participation is very important to the players. When we look at the international games we see that every team striker takes the leadership of their team.

In the 3-4-1-2 formula, two strikers are in charge, one on the right side and the other on the left side. Their juxtaposition and yet attention-grabbing ability seem like magic is happening in front of them.

Within their team control are these directives they give to players like let’s say a winger, are they allowed to attack the central area? Or will they link up with the midfielders and try to get the ball inside the d box?

How to be a good striker in soccer?


Scoring a goal is not an easy task; A player takes years of painstaking effort to currently short nose and putt, which becomes smoother with practice.

Below I am sharing some tips with you so that you can become a good striker very quickly.

  • Shot it in small Places: you don’t need a lot of space to short, don’t wait for the perfect time do what you can when you can.
  • Anticipate where the ball is going: A good striker knows where the ball is going and scans the field accurately so you can easily be where you need to be to get behind or receive the ball.
  • Put defenders under pressure: The more pressure you put on defenders, the more often they make mistakes and their mistakes lead to goals.
  • Keep practicing: To become a good striker there is no excuse for proper practice. The more you practice, to more you can prepare yourself for the striker position.

What makes a good striker in soccer?


A good stickler is like a blessing to their team because their play depends a lot on whether their team wins. A good striker always tries to lead his team forward so that they can score goals and win for their team.

In modern and present times when we look at the European League Champions League games, we see that our striker are using a lot of modern techniques to win their team and the power of their play will leave you in awe.

Can a striker play defense in soccer?

There are several positions in soccer, among them defender, striker, and midfielder, these positions are very well known, and common people can easily understand which position we are talking about.

Players in each position have different responsibilities to play but strikers are suited to play in all positions and are usually seen playing striker unless necessary.


Striker can play them as defenders if they want but the course of the game does not allow this easily as strikers are trained separately and defenders are trained separately.

The main role of the defender is to defend the attack from the opposite side and to provide protection to the team.

A striker can play as a defender if they want but they don’t have to because they have all kinds of defenders and also strikers whose positions he has to play and that is very important.

Who is the best striker in soccer?

In 2024 in the world striker ranking for National Football Association Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland the best strikers in the world right now.

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