What size soccer cleats for 4 year old? Find out very easily

Today soccer has become one of the most popular games among children. Children enjoy playing soccer very much and in this game, children learn many things like decision-making ability and teamwork skills which play a very important role in the future development of children.

But what size soccer cleats would you buy for your 4-year-old?  A child’s age does not determine what size soccer cleats a child will need, because children’s feet grow very quickly. To get the most out of soccer practice and play, you need a good pair of soccer cleats.

In this article, we will discuss what size of soccer cleats your child will need based on age.

AgeSoccer Cleat SizeUS  Shoe Size
4 years old9-108-9
5 years old10.5-11.59.5-10.5
6 years old12-1311-12
Soccer cleats size by age

What size soccer cleats are perfect for a 4 year old boy?

One of the most important factors in determining children’s soccer cleats by age is that if your child is 4 years old or older, we always recommend a size 8 to 9.

Generally, a four-year-old child’ foot length is 8.5 -10 inches. Assuming your child’s foot length is 8.5 in; add 1.5 to determine a soccer shoe.

Children’s feet also grow very quickly, which is why you should always size up your child’s soccer cleats so that they are comfortable when your child plays soccer.

 I am sharing a chart below with you so that you can easily determine the soccer cleats according to your child’s foot size.

AgeChild’s height (cm)Child’s height (inches)
3 Year98 cm38½
4 Year105 cm42
5 Year111 cm44
6 Year117 cm46
7 Year123 cm49
8 Year129 cm51
9 Year135 cm53
What size soccer cleats for 4 year old?

Can my child play soccer without cleats?

Most parents question whether their child is fit to wear soccer cleats. The simple answer to this question is that your child can read cleats. Assuming you have made up your mind that you should teach your child soccer cleats. Then you need to know which soccer cleats are suitable and best according to your child’s age.

Are soccer cleats important to young children?

If you have a child aged 3-4 years old that is not necessary for soccer cleats. However, there are many benefits to wearing toddler cleats. When a young kid plays soccer, the jersey and cleats a very important role in his performance.

We are experimenting with 3 different age groups to see if the boys can play soccer without any cleats. When this test was carried out on children under the age of 4, it was found that they could play better without soccer cleats. The same is the case with children under 5 years of age they also played well without cleats. When the experiment was conducted on 6-year-old young children, it was found that they did not perform as well without soccer cleats.  The test was conducted in an outdoor stadium.


A three-year-old boy doesn’t need soccer cleats. but their parents can choose cleats for them if they want. by the age of three children can run very fast. when they play without football boots and run on the grass they are more likely to slip and fall.

Jabulani soccer ball

Soccer cheats for three-year-olds have some benefits it gives a little extra grip on their legs when they’re kind of inside the grass.

what size soccer cleats for 4 year old
what size soccer cleats for 4 year-old


4 and 5 years of age make soccer players more powerful than ever. As they grow older, their football skills increase, so they need high-quality soccer cleats. The cleats are essential for a young player to play as well as practice. At first, a child falling behind in the field can be a little fun. But they can be seriously injured when they slip and fall.

Simply put, soccer boots should be read for children over the age of five and it is very important to properly shin guards while playing football games. It will keep your baby safe.


Now let’s discuss how you can choose the best soccer cleats for your 4-year-old child. The best soccer cleats for your child need to fit his feet well. For this, the following important points should be observed very well.


This is the bottom part of the soccer cleats. When buying football boots, make sure that the bottom is made of rubber or plastic. If it is made of other metal, it can cause damage to other players while playing soccer.

2# SIZE:

Size is the most important factor in choosing a football boot. Care should be taken to ensure that it fits your child’s feet very well. There are some soccer boots designed differently according to the structure of the feet of young children.


Laces are considered to be the most useful item for young children because it helps to keep the football boot on a person’s feet very well. Some boots without laces and some with laces. Soccer coaches always prefer boots with laces so the boots don’t come off during the game. Shoes without tails are sometimes seen coming off financially when hitting a shot in the middle of the game.


A professional soccer player says that soccer shoes made of synthetic fabrics can hold their shape longer. When buying cleats for your child try to buy boots made of leather or fabric. This will make your child feel more comfortable in the boot and run faster.

Best Soccer Cleats for 4-year-old

1. Brooman Kids Firm Ground Soccer Cleats Boys Girls.

These shoes are perfect for 4 year olds, and they’ll love the adjustable and durable hook and loop closure. The soft padded tongue fits his/her instep well, and they’ll also love the rotational traction configuration. If you’re looking for some quality soccer shoes that will help your little one develop their skills, look no further than these Brooman Kids’ firm ground soccer Cleats!

About this item

  • The Uppers of these cleats have a textured surface that makes better ball control.
  • They are adjustable and durable, with hook and loop closures for great fitting.
  • The rubber molded cleats have a rotational traction configuration, which allows stability and grip.
  • The soft padded tongue can fit his/her instep well and reduce foot friction

2. Hawkwell Kids Athletic Outdoor/Indoor

These shoes are lightweight and soft, with a durable synthetic upper. They come in a variety of colors to fit any child’s personality, and they feature a traditional lace up design that gives you control over each part of the boot.

About this item

  • -The Hawkwell Kids Athletic soccer cleats are lightweight and soft, designed for 4-year-olds who need a light and comfortable pair of shoes.
  • -The synthetic upper is textured for better ball handling, while the traditional lace-up design offers a personal fit.
  • -The flexible rubber outsoles are made to last, with a two-tone design that will keep your child entertained all season long.

3. Vizari Kids Stealth FG Outdoor Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Vizari Kids Stealth FG Outdoor Firm Ground Soccer Cleats are perfect for boys and girls aged 4-12 years old. The soft and durable synthetic upper provides good grip and comfort, while the molded rubber outsole provides great traction on hard surfaces.

About this item

  • -Polyurethane sole offers durability and comfort.
  • -Two-color textured synthetic upper offers a unique look.
  • -Padded heel and collar lining for comfort.
  • -Stitched to upper for durability.
  • -Sizing runs from 8C Toddler to 10Youth.

What Size Soccer Cleats Are Just Right?

If all else fails and your foot/ankle circumference isn’t adjustable enough for either of yours (or if they just don’t seem to fit well at all), try going one size up when checking out our section on sizing below! This can give you some room to grow as an individual player over time while still having plenty of space in each cuff area so they stay secure during games!

Choose the Right Soccer Cleats for You.

When it comes to soccer cleats, it’s important to choose the right size. Soccer boots come in various sizes, but they all start at a small (4-year-old) and go up from there. For example, a 4-year-old might Size 6 soccer cleats while an 8-year-old might Size 10 soccer cleats.

Choose the Right Soccer Cleats Size.

Another important sizing consideration when buying soccer cleats is how much room they give for Movement. If a child spends hours playing indoors with minimal movement time outdoors, then their footwear may not allow enough space for Movement within the footwear itself- leading to discomfort or even pain during gameplay moments outside of competition/training sessions indoors! To avoid this issue we always recommend purchasing youth-sized sneakers instead of adult-sized sneakers just in case!


Soccer cleats for 4 year olds can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a helpful tool in your child’s development. size 6 or 8 soccer cleats are available, depending on the kid’s age, and they should fit snugly. If the child is under 11 years old, they might need to try a size smaller; if the child is over 11 years old, they might need to try a size larger. Choose the right soccer cleats based on your child’s age and development level.

How do I determine the right size soccer cleats for my child?

The best way to determine if correct is to measure your child’s feet. Place a piece of paper under your child’s foot and make a mark on the back of your child’s foot and mark the front with the pen to get your child’s foot size.

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