What Kind of Soccer Shoes Do You Wear on Turf

soccer is a sport that demands the right equipment, and soccer shoes are the most imported equipment in soccer sports. Choosing the right soccer shoes for the surface you’re playing on can make all the difference to your performance and safety.

Turf is the most popular surface for soccer games, the right soccer shoes are very important for good performance on the turf. In this article, we will discuss what kind of soccer shoes you wear on the turf.

what kind of soccer shoes do you wear on turf?

If you browse the recharge market you will find many types of soccer shoes, there. If you don’t choose the right soccer boots, you may face problems later on. By completing this article, you will be able to choose the best soccer shoes for you.


Generally speaking, soccer boots are designed depending on the ground you are playing in. When playing on turf, there are some soccer shoes designed specifically for this type of surface play that are very important.

These shoes have a rubber spikes and flat shell for better contact with the turf. This is why the traction provided by this shoes are optimized for the artificial turf surface. Which is separated from natural grass.

How many types of soccer shoes are available in the market

Where you are thinking of buying soccer shoes for yourself. Then you must want to know how many types of soccer shoes are available in the market.  There are six types of soccer boots that are most commonly seen.

Hard Ground Soccer cleats

These soccer cleats are perfectly designed for use on hard ground. These hard-ground soccer cleats are made with a combination of synthetic materials like rubber and polyurethane. The use of these materials in shoes makes them durable, abrasion-resistant, and suitable for staying on hard surfaces.

These soccer shoes are designed to provide dynamic even under tension for high performance on hard ground.

Multi-ground soccer cleats


The multi-soccer cleats are designed to be suitable for playing on different grounds. These soccer boots are also very popular as all-ground soccer cleats. There are several companies that manufacture multi-ground soccer cleats but these types of soccer shoes are not suitable for playing on soft surfaces.

Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

You can say Firm ground cleats are similar to hard ground cleats. These soccer shoes are usually used on grass and soft ground. These shoes can be of great benefit to beginner players as the shoes are designed based on their learning propensity.

Firm shoes have gained a reputation for being played on grass surfaces but in wet areas. Dynamic players are very fond of these soccer cleats. The studs are conical or bladed and are suitable for grass fields as well as dirt or frozen ground.

Soft Ground Soccer Cleats


The soft Ground soccer cleats are generally suitable for use on wet and soft surfaces. Metal spikes are used in these soccer cleats. Because it is very difficult for the players to stay still while playing on the muddy ground, metal is used under the shoes to keep them steady.

These soccer cleats are not suitable for playing on hard surfaces because the stars of the shoe are made of steel and it can easily penetrate into the ground in places but can cause the players to lose speed when they come out.

Artificial Ground Soccer Cleats


Artificial ground Soccer Cleats are generally designed to be suitable for playing on artificial ground. These artificial grasses are similar to natural grasses, considering that these grasses are one to one and a half inches, these shoes are designed so that the bottom steps are made of rubber and plastic.

This shoe uses very few stands to allow easy penetration into the grass so that a player gets very good stability. The shoes generally last a little longer than all other shoes.

Turf Ground Soccer Cleats

Compared to the past, the use of turf is at the peak of popularity today. Turf ground is much harder than the artificial ground. You can see many small stands on this shoe white are made entirely of rubber.  

Hopefully, by now you have gotten a better idea about all types of soccer shoes. By now you understand that soccer shoes have to be determined according to the field you are playing on.      

Best Soccer Shoes for Playing on Turf

You already know that there are different types of soccer shoes in the market with different variants used for playing on different surfaces. Turf soccer cleats are specially designed for playing on artificial turf fields. This shoe has spikes, but a little smaller and has more spikes than other shoes.

There are several reputed brands that manufacture these turf like Adidas, Nike, and PUMA. We’ve got the shoes for your best performance when you practice and play on the turf.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat


Adidas Performance Mundial Turf Soccer Cleat is at the peak of popularity among soccer players and Adidas has a great reputation for these soccer shoes. The outer part of the shoes is made of Handed percent kangaroo leather and this shop adapts to the shape of your foot.

It helps a lot to move quickly on the turf and maintain your control. Actually, the leather is a bit tougher in nature and they last longer. Those who have used this shoe before know that this shoe is suitable for long use.

The insole side of this shoe has a soft synthetic coating to absorb all the moisture. Also when you put your foot on the insula you get a great feeling.

Rubber and Traxion are used in the outsole which provides unlimited traction. The outsole of the shoe has many small stands which help in providing a better grip. The risk of slipping injuries is greatly reduced due to the grip of stander turf.


  • Value of money
  • Excellent comfort levels
  • High grip
  • Suitable for long-term use


  • Higher Price

PUMA Men’s Ultra Match Tt Soccer Shoe

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PUMA Men’s Ultra Soccer shoes are the first choice that anyone saw because the color combination is very beautiful. Fabric and synthetic is used as the manufacturing material of this shoe to provide high-speed performance.

Grip control skin is attached to the upper of the ball to provide a better grip when you hit the ball. This shoe is made very light so you can move well is this shoe.

A very high-quality EVA sole is used on the bottom which provides cushioning and the bottom-out hairs will proceed a very good grip to one’s player’s feet and it was designed to be very stable.

You can use this shoe without laces and is a value-for-money option.


  • Lightweight
  • High build quality
  • Nice color combination


  • Bare minimum food safety

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