5 Best Soccer Balls for Training 2023

If you’re looking for the best soccer balls for training, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of the best soccer balls for training offers you the perfect options to improve your skills and techniques. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced player looking for a new challenge, we have something perfect for you. Check out our top picks today!

What are the best soccer balls for training?

In simple words, the ball with which we teach the game is called the training soccer ball. These training balls are usually specially made for training. These training balls are made more durable than normal match balls. This ball can be used usually twice a week. You should learn your game with this ball when you start training. After starting the training, you can train any day of the week, day or night, training the Jabulani soccer ball is always ready to satisfy you.

Is a training soccer ball different?

Yes, training soccer is different from any normal soccer ball the big reason is row material. This ball is a little heavier than the normal little ball. training soccer ball designed in such a way that you can play continuously for 2 hours. The ball is a bit hard and heavy in nature which can be hit very hard and hits like a target. As this ball will be used for training, this ball is made stronger as others say.

What size training soccer ball is best for me?

Available in normal soccer ball sizes, the same-size training soccer ball is marketed. Namely the three main sizes of 3, 4, and 5. If you’re buying for a 9-year-old, size 3 is the right size for you. Anyone above the age of 16 can use the size 5 training soccer ball. And the size 4 ball is designed in such a way that everyone can play. This is FIFA’s official guidance by following this guide every player can play safely. now I am talking about the top 7 best soccer balls for training:

1. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball

Best Soccer Balls for Training

Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball uses training and matches purpose, it is a very reliable option for players of all ages. The ball is available in different colors so players can choose the color they like.

Diamond text cover and PU material laminated are used in making the ball. By using these raw materials, the balls can be played for a long time. Neoprene foam is used to increase the softness of the ball.

Select Numero 10 list training soccer ball, then also approved for NFHS and NCCA Play. This ball is not usually played in these conditions because it says there are better options. It is ideal for a soccer trainer.

The players themselves reported that during training all ball in, the ball was controlled very well. 32 steel panels are used for the structure of straight flight.


  • Comparatively low price.
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Good ball control


  • A few stitches came undone far too readily.
  • More pricey than average for training balls

2. SKLZ Golden Touch Weighted Soccer Technique Training Ball

Best Soccer Balls for Training

Golden Touch Weighted Soccer Technique Training Ball is the world’s most training soccer ball and matches ball. Develops and controls small maneuvers during training. It’s a very good-looking ball with just a golden inside with white paint color and in the middle of writing golden touch.

From is used on the surface of the ball, almost to the point it feels likes a match ball. The ball reacts very well in the air, so it makes players more motivated and passionate to train.


  • Better flight with fewer panels.
  • Good dribbling skills
  • Good retention


  • Available only in golden color
  • pricey compared to several other certified match balls

3. Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Ball

Best Soccer Balls for Training

If you are a soccer lover there you choose this beautiful Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Soccer Ball. This ball is designed for beginners who learn soccer games. The baller has textured construction for maximum efficiency.

The main reason for being soft and durable is that the ball is stitched very precisely by a machine. Ball guarantees very high durability for taking very good stitches.

The ball uses very beautiful graphics design to make the ball more beautiful and attractive, in the middle of the ball Adidas logo, there is. This ball can be used by any player above 12 years of age.


  • Available three different colore
  • Very soft
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Relatively a bit more expensive
  • suitable for play on grass only

4. Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Ball


Mitre Impel Unisex Adult is an ideal Training soccer ball, It is a soft training soccer ball suitable for all weather conditions. Very useful for group training and solo practice at home.

Mitre Impel is exactness-engineered with a 30-panel design delivering optimum shape and size control. This ball has been used with a very high-quality bladder due to this, the ball can hold its shape for a long time. Performs both indoors and outdoors. Players of any age can continue their practice with this ball.


  • Suitable for all age
  • Ball are available in different colors and sizes
  • Ball shape lasts a long time


  • Ball graphics may change over time
  • Ball stickers can be difficult to remove

5.Brisko USA Footy Soccer Ball Size 5


The Footy by Brisko USA is the perfect ball for training and recreational play. Its official size 5 conforms to all international standards and FIFA regulations and is made of durable and responsive materials.

32 panels are hand-crafted in this high-quality ball construction. Allows sewing deeper into the panel by hand and preserves the exchange ball for more beautiful stitching. Used with high-quality rubber bladder to retain air for a long time.

4 polyester linings to maintain the shape of the ball, hold air for a long time, and make the ball float in a bouncy state. A 100% Textured Polyurethane leather cover is used to make the ball play for a longer time. TPU resists water and makes it playable in any weather.

This ball comes with an air pumper free. Air is made of very nice design with black color. It uses a needle so that you can easily pump the ball anywhere.


  • Free air pump
  • Good sewing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Very easy to inflate


  • Light color shows dirt
  • Available in size 5 only

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