How To Deflate a Soccer Ball Without Inflation Needle

There are times when we need to defiate a soccer ball but we have no needle and paperclip. You should remember this thing if you are a soccer player. In this article, I am going to tell you how to deflate a soccer ball completely guideline. You can do this without any damage to your soccer ball. If you follow our guidelines completely.

deflate a soccer ball without inflation needle
soccer ball needle
  1. First, you find something with a tall starting size like a paperclip.
  2. Locate the ball pump hole.
  3. Keep inserting gently until you get a reaction.
  4. When you get a reaction, stop and gently squeeze the ball to cancel it all out.

how to deflate a soccer ball

it’s an important tool to reflate a soccer ball is the inflation needle. Fast find a valve opening. The valve is your soccer ball, it is like a switch that helps to keep the air in and air out. Before putting the needle inside the valve we have to be careful about a few things needle should not have any dirt on it. Then you can mix it with a little oil to make the needle slippery. Keep inserting the needle into the valve slowly until you get a reaction. After getting the reaction you need to hold the needle for a while to get all the air out. At one time you will realize that your soccer ball is deflated.

how to deflate a soccer ball with a pan

how to deflate a soccer ball with a pan
how to deflate a soccer ball with a pan

You should use a pen with a slightly longer head otherwise you can use a Ballpoint pen. Make certain that the point’s thickness is lower in diameter than the valve diameter on the ball.  You can use water or oil for lubrication here. You have to be very careful not to damage the valve. You keep inserting slowly and you will know when the air comes out. There is no need to be in a hurry to expel the air quickly as this can damage the valve. And when the job is done, gently pull the pen head out.

how to deflate a soccer ball with a pump

  1. Look for a small air passage around the soccer ball. it has a small hole and is made of rubber.
  2. Gently insert the needle of your pump into the hole.
  3. Grab the ball using your left hand and press gently. This will slowly deflate your balls.
  4. Remove the pump head when the ball has completed deflate.

it is safely deflate a soccer ball without an inflation needle

The ideal means to deflate a soccer ball is a needle and paperclip. But many times we have these things to deflate a soccer ball. At that time we try to do this using some other object that. If you can do this very carefully then your soccer ball will not be harmed. As you can see each soccer ball has used one valve. This valve helps your soccer ball trap air and let air out. Since you are inserting another object inside this valve, you must also be careful. You can usually take that careful precaution:

  1. The object you are using should be smaller than the diameter of the valve.
  2. You can use a little water or oil the object to make the area slippery.
  3. Insert the object into your vagina with a slight twist to help the air escape.
  4. When the air starts to come out, you have to hold it down a little more so that all the air come out.
  5. There is no rush here, you can apply some pressure with your left hand to let the air out.
  6. After the ball is fully deflated, gently remove the object from the soccer ball.

Do your Soccer Balls Deflate?

If your soccer ball deflates how can you understand it. Here are some suggestions in a simple list form to illustrate this.

  1. First of all, if you notice that your soccer ball looks a little smaller than before.
  2. Your soccer balls are already soft. (follow the below points to be 100% sure)
  3. First, take a bucket of water so that all of your soccer balls are completely covered.
  4. Hold the ball with both hands and press.
  5. You will notice that air is coming out of your ball in the form of bubbles.
  6. Mark the ventilation area.

How do I fix a deflating soccer ball?

You can’t fix it right away. For now you can use your ball to play with the dog. If you want it fixed it can cost you as much as 50$.

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