7 Important Hardest Positions in Soccer 2023

RankPositionResponsibilityPlayer Name
7StrikerThey have the biggest responsibility to lead their team forward and score goals for their team.Artem Dovbyk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Viktor Gyokeres
6SweeperSweeper sent the ball from any direction outside the D-boxBobby Moore, Franz Beckenbauer, Franco Baresi
5Central MidfielderThe main responsibility of the central midfielders is to defend the attack from the opposite side.Joshua KIMMICH, Bruno GUIMARAES, Frenkie DE JONG
4FullbackThey are usually defensive and prove their playability on the right or left side of the field.Alejandro Grimaldo, Nathan Aké, Danilo
3Attacking MidfielderAbility to keep opposing players under pressure and pass quicklyJude Bellingham, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva
2Defensive MidfielderThey protect a team structure and are the best defensive players in a teamRodri, Declan Rice, Aurelien Tchouameni
1GoalkeeperDefending the goal from the opposite sideALISSON, Mike MAIGNAN, Jan OBLAK
Hardest Positions in Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport among the people of the world. There are some Hardest Positions in soccer where players have a lot of responsibility. Players are trained differently depending on their position.

If you are a soccer player or if you are a spectator, you should have a solid idea of the player’s positions.

In this article, I will discuss the seven important hardest positions in soccer. Among these seven, there is not one position that is much easier than all the others. But he needs special skills to prove himself in this position.

 7. Striker

Hardest Position in Soccer

When we see strikers scoring goals, we may think scoring goals is easy, but that’s not right, it’s very difficult to score goals and it is the hardest position in soccer. Today a striker has to take advantage of possession, ball control, intelligent movement, and finishing.

Strikers contribute the most field goal attempts for their team. Scoring goals is one of the most difficult parts of soccer.

A good striker big center-back and an opponent against defenders, some of these abilities make strikers stand out from other players.

There are other reasons why the striker’s position is considered the hardest position in soccer, one of them is to keep opposing defenders under pressure at all times.

Strikers always have to acquire the ability to keep the ball at their feet for longer periods and the ball must have the ability to pass the ball to the designated player in time.

Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Erling Haaland are some of the most famous and best strikers in the world. They also hold the title of highest goalscorers as their respective teams.

6. Sweeper

Hardest Position in Soccer

Sweeper is a responsible and Hardest Position in Soccer, it’s also referred to as a “libero”. One of the reasons they are called sweepers is that they can sweep the ball from any direction.

A soccer sweeper is described as a defensive player. The primary role of sweepers is to cover balls that are run from other defenders.

Sweepers usually stay behind the defenders at all times and play their unwavering role as the last line of defense before the goalkeeper.

The sweeper’s role was incorporated into soccer in the early sixties. At that time the offside rule was changed and stated that the goalkeeper could have two defenders in front of him to protect the goal.

This position is very hardest position as one has to be very demonic to stop a counterattack and to stop the ball from passing from the opposite side.

Especially the players in this space have to face the challenge very carefully because any fouls could likely result in a penalty.

Jonathan  Tah and Marc Guehi were the best players for the lever position.

5. Central Midfielder

Hardest Position in Soccer

The center midfielder is the most challenging position in the soccer game. Because the players move around you you have to hit the ball very accurately to pass the ball.

The demand for the position of center midfielder is increasing day by day. To excel in this position, you need to spend a lot of time on your training. Speed, pitching, defensive ability, and long-range shooting to excel at this position.

The central midfielder has two important responsibilities, one is to defend the attack from the opposition and the second is to carry out their attacking duties on the opposition.

They often serve as central midfielders in the team due to their ability to cover the game and lead the distance.

Kevin De Bruyne, Luka Modric, Pedri, Jude Bellingham, Frenkie de Jong, and Leon Goretzka are the best central midfielders in 2023.

4. Fullback

Hardest Position in Soccer

A fullback is a defender who plays to the left and right. Fullback usually plays position by calculating the right backs or left backs of a field.

Fullbacks are key defensive players who dominate the modern game day in and day out. The fullback position is highly developed in soccer and is also considered a strong position. Full-back players attack the opposing team and contribute goals to push their team forward.

Their main role is to protect wide areas and provide support to the midfielders when they are in an attacking position.

Fullbacks drop opposition players into an area where they have little chance of scoring a goal. They make the opposing players take on prisoners so that they cannot pass the ball.

Achraf Hakimi, Theo Hernandez, Alphonse Davies, and Kieran Trippier have been playing their role as the best fullback in modern times.

3. Attacking Midfielder

Hardest Position in Soccer

Attacking midfielders are always active and witness incredible moments in soccer. And they create an environment like magic with their power on the field.

Attacking midfielders are regarded as the Hardest Position in Soccer. The main reason is that scoring goals is not an easy task. That’s why an attacking midfielder always needs to be on the lookout for opportunities.

In world Soccer, attacking midfielders play a variety of roles for their teams. The number 10 jersey was very popular among attacking midfielders during the 1990s and 2000s. and many times they play the role of forward and help other players to score goals to run the team efficiently.

They are perfect and have great passing ability and range, they also unlock their team’s defense. They are very fast players, they are very quick and their speed is the biggest key to defeating the opposing defenders.

The attacking midfielder is the hardest Position in Soccer key factor because there are many players around the players in this position. This is why attacking midfielders need to be very quick and highly skilled.

  Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, and Lionel Messi are among the best inside attacking midfielders of the present time. The responsibility of this position in soccer is always given to the best and best players.

2. Defensive Midfielder

Hardest Position in Soccer

A defensive player is one of the most important and useful positions for every team. Because they act as a defensive structure for their team, only attacking midfielders can make the difference between success and failure within every team.

The main responsibility of a defensive midfielder is to defend against any attack from the opposite and pass the ball away from the opposition players to the players of his team.

Defender midfielders are still regarded as the most difficult position in soccer. A defensive midfielder with three or four defenders behind is fast to face any attack expected from the opposition.

They tackle the opponent and provide defensive cover by applying the necessary techniques. A player with very good positional awareness and good play, as well as good passing, dribbling, and ball control, are responsible for the player’s high abilities.

A defender midfielder usually needs to be physically fit and stay in the field for 90 minutes or more. They need to be very strong mentally to make the right decision in a tough environment.

Neymar, Rodri, Joshua Kimmich, and Casemiro are currently the best players for this defender midfielder position.

1. Goalkeeper

Hardest Position in Soccer

One of the hardest Positions in Soccer has always been the goalkeeper position. When other players make mistakes on the field it doesn’t matter much but when a goalkeeper makes a mistake it makes a huge difference in their score.

The most important position in soccer is the goalkeeper. If a team does not have a good goalkeeper, then the team is more likely to lose. Similarly, if a team has a good goalkeeper, the team has a high chance of winning.

They are the only players on the field who have the opportunity to use their hands. But they cannot use hands from outside the D box if using his hands is a foul.

A goalkeeper must always be alert and keep an eye on the movements of the opposing team’s players. Because at any time the player on the opposite side can attack them.

A goalkeeper has to be very tall and have an imposing body. One of the biggest advantages of being tall for a goalkeeper is that they can easily catch the ball with their hands.

Difficult situations can arise at any time and it is very important for the goalkeeper to keep a cool head and focus on the ball.

Thibaut Courtois, Alisson, Ederson, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and Emiliano Martinez are the best goalkeepers of the present time. They use their intelligence, diligence, and hard work to lead their team to success.

Hardest Positions in Soccer

The most challenging position inside the soccer is called strikers. Strikers tend to be the fastest players. Apart from the physical stress, they are also mentally stressed, so the places they play are very challenging positions.

They have the ability to pass the ball very quickly and strikers are the first among the fastest players. FIFA Recharge found that a striker runs more than 10 kilometers per match.


Soccer is hardest all the positions, you cannot underestimate any position because every position has importance in its own place.

A lot depends on your playing skills and whether you can improve your skills in certain areas of the field. Save more information you need about each location and start your career by choosing a preferred location

Hope these instructions make your game more interesting and you can use them directly in your game.

Which position is hardest to play in Soccer?

There are several difficult positions in soccer, among them the best and most difficult positions are defender midfielder, and Goalkeeper.

What is the most tiring position in soccer?

The fullback position is the most tiring position in soccer. It is played in the modern 4-3-3 formation. Hera the fullback players have to be very aggressive and must also ensure the protection of their team.

Why is the goalie the hardest position in soccer?

The goalkeeper is still regarded as the most difficult position in soccer. The main reason for this is that a goalkeeper has to be under pressure all the time as the opposition can attack at any time. One mistake by the goalkeeper is enough to defeat the whole team.

What is the hardest part about playing as a midfielder in soccer?

Center midfielders are in a very difficult position as they have to intercept the ball from the opposition and have the ability to win the ball themselves. And the opposition must pass the ball as quickly as possible to the strikers in their team to attack.

What are the toughest positions in soccer?

Every position is tough in the soccer but there is a saying that the goalkeeper is the toughest. Goalkeeper has a different and slightly more responsibility than all other players.

A mistake by the other entire player doesn’t have that much impact on the team but if a goalkeeper can’t make a save it can be a huge difference for a team.

They have to be much focused otherwise the players coming from the opposite side will goal them away.

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